Friday, December 17, 2010

MLB Seeks `Real World Series' With Japan's Baseball Champions reported yesterday evening that MLB officials are in talks with Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball to become the first American sports franchise to apply a true international scope to the "world champion" title (no offense to Canada, eh).

While the plan is wrought with challenges, not the least of which are bitter cold and the risk of lackluster commercial potential, it seems at face value like a positive move. On the other hand, we do have the World Baseball Classic. By "we," in that case, I'm really referring to Japan, since they presently have a corner on the market.

I, for one, have always sensed a bit of hubris in the "World Champion" title afforded World Series and Superbowl champions, and the move would at least apply a bit of legitimacy to such a claim. One might wonder, though, if such an endeavor would be looked upon with the same level of incredulity as the NFL's decision to move games to Mexico City and London.

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