Friday, May 22, 2009

Blue Jays Advance to Finals

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The Town & Country 10U Blue Jays (a client) played an absolutely ugly game of baseball in the Division Semi-Finals yesterday, with a 5-7 win over the Yankees. The Jays overcame a four-run deficit, putting up a final stand on both sides of the plate to assure their slot in the Finals.

In the third inning, the intricacies of Town & Country's pitching rules required a last-minute change in the rotation, along with a completely on-the-fly lineup for that inning. As the coaches scrambled furiously to create a lineup that was as fair as it was effective, we got a first-hand glimpse into the power and value of the solution.

With, coaches have instant access to innings played, innings sat, infield/outfield percentages and other "fair play" statistics, as well as a comprehensive set of performance-based statistics, over any web-enabled device. An automated Lineup Manager rounds out the mix, guiding the coach through the process of assigning positions to avoid duplicates, gaps and other administrative pitfalls.

At the end of the day, the Blue Jays have a great set of volunteers and an even greater set of kids playing. was an effective tool in helping the coaches identify the best opportunities for each of their players to shine, ultimately helping them throughout their run for the Title.

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